Favorite Blogs & Resources

Blog Roll

Here are some blogs I follow.
I use Feedly as my blog and news aggregator.

Philosophy Profession

News for and about the Philosophy Profession

Blog of the APA
The American Philosophical Association Blog

The Professor is In
Truth on grad school, job market, & getting tenure

Philosopher’s Cocoon
News, info, and discussion relevant for early-career philosophers

Showcasing female philosophers

Feminist Philosophers
News, examples, and discussion for feminist philosophers

Philosophy of Science

Rotman Blog
News and content from The Rotman Institute

Science Visions
News and updates from the PSA’s Women’s Caucus

Taking up Spacetime
News and events related to philosophy of physics


HighEd Teaching Strategies

Chronicle of HigherEd blog on teaching, tech, & productivity

In Socrates’ Wake
Blog about teaching philosophy

You’re the Teacher
Reflections from Christina Hendricks on teaching philosophy

Hook and Eye
Reflections from women in academia


Tacit Knowledge and Advice
I’ve collected


Philosophy Department
Western University’s Philosophy Department Homepage.

Rotman Institute of Philosophy
At the Western University.

Western PGSA
Western’s Philosophy Graduate Student Association (PGSA) Homepage.

LMP Conference
UWO’s Philosophy of Logic, Math, and Physics (LMP) Graduate Student Conference.

Philosophy Research Resources

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
A philosophy student’s best friend.

Phil-Sci Archive
Electronic archive for preprints in the philosophy of science.

Directory of online philosophical articles and books by academic philosophers.

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Teaching Resources

My Resources
This page contains many of my own resources, documents, and handouts that I have developed or found useful.

The American Association for Philosophy Teachers’ site.

APA Teaching Resources
The American Philosophical Association (APA) resources for teachers

Teaching Philosophy 101
TΦ101 has strategies and resources for faculty members and graduate assistants who teach philosophy courses.

LaTeX Resources

Download LaTeX
The best typesetting system for scientific or mathematical documents.

Realtime collaboration like GoogleDocs, but for LaTeX. Also has lots of templates.

LaTeX Tutorial Videos
For those who prefer to learn by watching a video, this is a nice series of video tutorials.

LaTeX Cheat Sheet
One of the nicest quick reference sheets I’ve found for LaTeX commands.

LaTeX for Logicians
A guide to LaTeX resources that may be of interest to philosophers and logicians.