Areas of Research





Forthcoming. “Dark Matter & Dark Energy” in The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Physics. Routlege eds. Eleanor Knox and Alastair Wilson.

2017  Teaching Philosophy Graduate Students about Effective Teaching. co-authored with Jessey Wright. Teaching Philosophy, 40(2), 123-160.

2016  Similarity, Adequacy, and Purpose: Understanding the Success of Scientific Models. PhD Thesis, University of Western Ontario

2015  Active Learning. with Herra, A., Little, L., Morris, Z., Oliver, S., and Traill, K. Principles of Course Design Series. Queens, Waterloo, Western D2L Partnership Project.

2012  The Scientific Method. co-authored with Fred Kronz in Leadership in Science and Technology: A Reference Handbook. SAGE Publications ed. William Bainbridge.

Works in Progress

A paper examining ΛCDM and MOND models (under review).

“The Dark Galaxy Hypothesis” with Michael Weisberg, Barry Madore, and Marja Siedel (under review).

“The Schmidt Law and the Modeling of Star Formation” with Barry Madore (manuscript).

“Review of Reconstructing Reality: Models, Mathematics, Simulations by Margaret Morrison”. Invited book review for Science & Education. (manuscript).

“Graduate Students as Educational Leaders” Book Chapter for Philosophers in the Classroom: Essays on Teaching. ed Steven Cahn, Alexandra Bradner, and Andrew Mills. (manuscript).

“Observing the Invisible through Computer Simulations” with Marja Seidel (manuscript).

“Two Critiques of Weisberg’s Similarity Account of Model Assessment” (revised manuscript in preparation)

“Critical Thinking and Public Understanding of Science” (revised manuscript in preparation)

“Beyond Stirring: What is Inclusive Pedagogy?” with Stephen Bloch-Schulman, Rebecca Scott, and Kevin Hermberg (in preparation)

“Observations, Simulations, and Reasoning in Astrophysics” with Michael Weisberg (in preparation)

Non-Academic Writing

2017 “Teach Graduate Students How To Teach” with Jessey. Wright. Blog of the APA

2014 “The Public Interest and Government Funding of Science” Rotman Institute of Philosophy Blog, Series on Science and the Public Interests

2013 “Improving Scientific Literacy Through Improved Critical Thinking Skills” Rotman Institute of Philosophy Blog, Series on HPS and Science Education

2012 “Women in Science, Philosophy, and Education: An Interview With Rotman Doctoral Entrance Scholar, Melissa Jacquart” Rotman Institute of Philosophy Blog