Philosophy of Science & Astrophysics

Read more about my work in Philosophy of Science & Astrophysics here.

2023. “Idealizations in Astrophysical Computer Simulations” with Regy-Null Arcadia in Philosophy of AstrophysicsStars, Simulations, and the Struggle to Determine What is Out There. Springer, Synthese Library Book Series. eds. Nora Mills Boyd, Siska De Baerdemaeker, Kevin Heng, and Vera Matarese.

2022. “Idealization, Representation, and Explanation in the Sciences” with Elay Shech and Martin Zach in Studies in History and Philosophy of Science: Special Issue on Idealization, Representation, and Explanation in the Sciences.

  • Introduction to Special Issue, co-edited with Elay Shech and Martin Zach. Special Issue Table of Contents for full issue can be found here.

2021. “ΛCDM and MOND: A Debate about Models or Theory?” in Studies in History and Philosophy of Science: Special Issue on Dark Matter and Modified Gravity. 

2021. “Dark Matter & Dark Energy” in The Routledge Companion to Philosophy of Physics. Routledge eds. Eleanor Knox and Alastair Wilson.

2020. “Observations, Simulations, and Reasoning in Astrophysics” in Philosophy of Science.

2018. “The Dark Galaxy Hypothesis” with Michael Weisberg, Barry Madore, and Marja Siedel in Philosophy of Science.

2016  Similarity, Adequacy, and Purpose: Understanding the Success of Scientific Models. Ph.D. Thesis, University of Western Ontario

2012  The Scientific Method. with Fred Kronz in Leadership in Science and Technology: A Reference Handbook. SAGE Publications ed. William Bainbridge.

Public Engagement with Science

Read more about my work in Public Engagement with Science here.

2021. “Divergence of Values and Goals in Participatory Research” with Lucas Dunlap, Amanda Corris,  Zvi Biener, and Angela Potochnik in Studies in History and Philosophy of Science: Special Issue: Values and Pluralism in the Environmental Sciences: From Inferences to Institutions.

  • YouTube Video: March 2020 (paper-in-progress) co-presentation with A. Potochnik at University of Dayton’s Doing Science in a Pluralistic Society (41m).

Philosophy & Education

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2023. “Better Online Discussion Boards through Questions, Metacognition, and Motivation” in American Association of Philosophy Teachers Studies in Pedagogy. Volume 9. Welcoming Newcomers: Teaching for Novice Philosophy Students, edited by Jake Wright.

2020. “Bearing the Brunt of Structural Inequality: Ontological Labor in the Academy” with Ann Cahill and Ruthanne Crapo, Feminist Philosophy Quarterly.

2019. “Diversity is Not Enough: The Importance of Inclusive Pedagogy” with Rebecca Scott, Kevin Hermberg, and Stephen Bloch-Schulman in Teaching Philosophy.

2018. Learning About Reality Through Models and Computer Simulations. Invited book review for Science & Education of Reconstructing Reality: Models, Mathematics, Simulations by Margaret Morrison.

2017  Teaching Philosophy Graduate Students about Effective Teaching. with Jessey Wright in Teaching Philosophy.

2015  Active Learning Online Module. with Herra, A., Little, L., Morris, Z., Oliver, S., and Traill, K. Principles of Course Design Series. Queens, Waterloo, Western D2L Partnership Project.

Public Talks, Media, & Non-Academic Writing

Philosophy 1013: Philosophy (Taylor’s Version) Coverage

  • UC News article on Local CBS, NPR, FOX coverage here.

2023. “NSF Investing $45M in future of semiconductors. UC research project is among 24 that will benefit from federal investment” UC News feature article on NSF FuSe Grant and work on technology communications.

2023. “First standard resource on philosophy of astrophysics has many Western ties“, Western News feature on Philosophy of Astrophysics volume contribution by UWO Alumni.

2022. “Grant supports UC pilot program that couples science with humanities”, UC News feature article on Whiting Public Engagement Fellowship Project.

2022. “Philosopher Melissa Jacquart Awarded a Whiting Programs Fellowship” News Press Release, & Blog of the American Philosophical Association (APA)

2022 “Congratulations to our URC awarded faculty scholars” UC Findings Feature on 2022 URC Award recipients.

2022. Alloy Discussion Public Talk: “Sensing Space in Virtual Times” (YouTube) Panelist, Livestream, UC’s Institute for Research in Sensing (IRiS).

2020 “The Philosopher’s Role in Science Communication” written interview with myself and Angela Potochnik for PhilSciComm.

2020 “Research Stories Behind the Funds” interview/feature by UC Findings Newsletter.

2018 “Philosophen blicken ins All” (translated “Philosophers look into Space”) article by Sybille Anderl for the German Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (FAZ) Woche magazine.

2017 “Teach Graduate Students How To Teach” with Jessey. Wright. Blog of the APA

2014 “The Public Interest and Government Funding of Science” Rotman Institute of Philosophy Blog, Series on Science and the Public Interests

2013 “Improving Scientific Literacy Through Improved Critical Thinking Skills” Rotman Institute of Philosophy Blog, Series on HPS and Science Education

2012 “Women in Science, Philosophy, and Education: An Interview With Rotman Doctoral Entrance Scholar, Melissa Jacquart” Rotman Institute of Philosophy Blog

Works in Progress